public class Hello {
public static void main(String[] args){ System.out.println("Hello World"); }

=========der chris ist ein schw... !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does a "edit" link appear ?

Yes the edit link appeared.
A new head makes an new edit link..
Well, well, one lives and learns. :-)

Does this make a new page automatically ?

Yes it does..
But it makes a long funny page name.

Lets see if this works better.
Another New Page
Yep, gives a much better page name.
You have full control over the page name.
Lets see how this wiki handles these lines.
Does it make a long line from it like other wiki's do ?
Which is very annoying.

Ok, this is better..

Lets play with images..

Not funny.
All images are the same size, what is the use of ?widthxheight then ?
hello all together
Preformatted text test:
public String test() { return "test"; }

to be or not to be.....thats the question...good it works
Still, i like this gebogebo wiki software.

But i am not sure yet.
I will look at gebogebo a bit more.
And i will experiment with other wiki software and hosts.

GeboGebo playground

new test hehe

Lukas thinks Kuba is like Kaba a german choclate

public class Foo { public static void main(String[] args) { } }
tada!lukas return to the earth and bang this reptile so much more then a rabbbbbit
this is the name from the biggetsx bagng because lukas has so much more fun and he is so funny and lucky!!!!
hello toooooo i am lukas jung and i was in england for two weeks we have kicked mr. van den berg !!!!
then we saw brummer and lunie spuky!!!

91 pages

this is a 'smart' test
was not smart enough

[category: test]


testing it

does this create a wiki word

does this create a wiki word

This is a test.


Morgenstund hatt gold im mund. Gold im mund ist ungesund.

Bismarck biss Marck bis Marck Bismarck biss

Executing ''plugin:helloworld'' : Hello World!

der jonas is ein trottel der sich es immer selber macht ( essen)
a quick brown
fox jumped over the lazy dog

test _'
かみびな | の | ルキ | です
^^ its my name on japanese <<3

blag blah ..
ひとりきょうしつにとりのこされる ...

So let us see if this makes a new page.

header1 header2
preformatted text? indeed! public String tes() { return "tes"; }

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