File and image upload
As you can read in the syntax description an image reference is always done with "links" like {{reference}}.
The {{ }} signals gebogebo "Here comes an image which is to be displayed!".

The {{reference}} could for example be {{}}; an external referenced image.

If it was {{img:mypicture}} it would not (or better: not yet) show an image, but a red colored link to the wiki page img:mypicture.

img: is a special namespace, as gebo:, file: and user: are. For pages beginning with img: in their name a different edit form is used.
This edit form holds a file upload field and an image preview.

To upload an image, simply create a {{img:...}} link at the place you wish the image to appear. A red colored link with a small landscape icon in front of it will appear.
Click this link to get on the page for your image you wish to upload. It is an empty wiki page. There click the Edit button ... Et voilą! The upload form.

Select the image on your hard disk, enter a short text as description and click the save button.

File upload works almost exactly as the upload of images.
There are two big differences:
  1. The namespace for files is file:
  2. The link to a file page is to be done with ((file:...)) instead of {{..}}

can anybody tell me if updating or deleting of uploaded files is possible?

When you click on a link to a file, you come to a page wich just contains another link to the file itself.
by clicking "edit page" there you can change file or decription.
The different Versions will be saved in a history just as if you were editig a normal page.

When you have followed link to a file, the filename should also appear in the "Route:" line on top of the page.
If you click on the "file:filename" link there, you get to the same dialog page as for uploading files.
So you can change the file or its description there as well.
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