GeboGebo's special links

GeboGebo knows a hand full of special links leading to dynamically created forms and lists.
A special system link always belongs to the namespace gebo:.

Random page
[[gebo:randompage]] is a special link to GeboGebo. It then randomly selects one, not yet deleted, page and displays it.
Activities and Full Activities

Activities is just another word for RecentChanges as often used by other wikis.

You can filter these lists by a certain user.

Missing pages

Missing pages is a list of pages, that are referenced from existing pages but do not yet exist themselves.
It can help to determine gaps that need to be filled.

Unreferenced pages

Accordingly to the missing pages, there is a list of unreferenced pages.
This list displays all pages that have no link from other pages pointing to them. This might be wanted in some cases, but normally it should not happen.

All pages (matching a pattern)

You can have a link placed inside your page pointing to a complete list of all pages.

If you want to show pages matching a special search pattern (not only the page name, but the whole content) you need the findpages list

User list

To reach the automatically generated user list one simply needs to add the following link into a page:

Login form and registration form

To lead your wiki visitors easily to the login form place this link on your page

For those, not being members of your wiki community yet, you can provide this link

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