Basic macros

The basic macros are built-in macros and can be used without problems.

Macro Call Description Example
PageCount ''PageCount'' returns the number of pages in your wiki. 91
PageName ''PageName'' returns the name of the currently viewed page. manual:macros
PageHits ''PageHits'' returns the hits of the currently viewed page. 24904
PageLog ''PageLog'' returns the change log entry of the currently viewed page.
PageStamp ''PageStamp'' returns the datetime stamp of the last change of the currently viewed page. 2005-03-30 07:57
PageSize ''PageSize'' returns the size (in bytes) of the currently viewed page. 2047 Byte
Referrer ''Referrer'' returns the URL the user came from.
ServerStamp ''ServerStamp'' returns the current server time. 2018-02-19 22:40
WikiName ''WikiName'' returns the GeboGebo installations name. GeboGeboWiki
WikiURL ''WikiURL'' returns the GeboGebo installations URL.
Version ''Version'' returns the GeboGebo version. 1.1.3
UserCount ''UserCount'' returns the number of registered users. 1
SubscriberCount ''SubscriberCount'' returns the number of page subsciptions for the page. 3

Plugin usage

A plugin is a pre-compiled tdbengine program stored in the ./plugins/ directory.
See the list of available plugins.

Example: Hello Word!

Executing ''plugin:helloworld'' : Hello World!

The plugin's source code is:

/* This is the legendary Hello World! example for GeboGebo */ procedure macro(dbWIKI,ft : integer; sPageContext, sPageName : String) : integer write(ft,"Hello World!") return 0 endproc

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