Unpack the gzipped archive into a directory, where your previously installed and successfully tested tdbengine, can execute its .prg files.
Go to console and enter your GeboGebo directory.
Start the shell script there and wait until it finishes preparing your wiki.
Open your web browser and enter the URL http://localhost/gebo/. Et voila!


The procedure is the same as for the Linux installation. The only difference is, that you can't call the in your DOS-Box, but the make.bat.

Make yourself an admin

After the installation all database tables are completely empty; no users, no pages and no sessions exist.
You should at least create one administrative user account.
To do so, open your freshly installed GeboGebo in your web browser. Click the Login button to get to the basic login form.
There is a link displayed that leads to the registration form.
Click on it and fill out the following form completely.
After you did so, login as your new user.
The Login should become a Logout and left of it a button beginning with user: should appear.

This now is a normal user account. To make it an administrative user account you will have to edit your gebogebo.conf in the ./conf directory.

There is an option called Admin= set your new user account name there. You can have multiple administrative users. Just place a ; semicolon between their names.

And now... you should take a closer look into the gebogebo.conf in your ./conf/ directory. It has quite a lot of options.
Propably you want to play around with them.
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