GeboGebo looks like it does right now.
In the very top left you see a fat headline. Sometimes it is a clickable link, sometimes it is plain text. The top right displays the name of the wiki you are currently visiting.
Below there is a bar having several buttons - some on the left, some on the right. In the middle there appears a input field for fulltext searching.
Directly below the left buttons, there is a small area labeled as Route which holds your last stations through the wiki. Now comes the most important: the content.
This of course depends on the wiki you are browsing through. And finally, on the bottom of your web browser again appears the bar as it did on the top. With slightly variations.

Moving around
The clue of a wiki system is the ability to link many pages with many others - easily. So normally most navigation happens when following the links that appear within the content.
Those links are colored green when the target of the link exists. If it does not (yet), the link is red.
Another possibility to reach certain pages is either to use some of the lists GeboGebo provides or to search for keywords.

For faster and easier navigation you can also use the access keys.

Creating a new page

Editing a page

Removing a page

Renaming a page
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