AutoLink is an interesting method of linking between the pages of GeboGebo.
GeboGebo always parses the page code, everytime it displays the page.
While it parses for special mark-ups it also checks every word it can find against its database of pages.
If a word matches an entry in the database, it is automatically displayed as olive colored link to that page.

AutoLink is an optional feature and can be enabled or disabled in the configuration file.
It is definitely a time wasting option for very big pages, containing many words in combination with a small database, containing only a few pages.
But if you have basically "normal" pages with a couple of hundreds of words and a normal sized database with a couple of thousand pages it won't impact on performance noticeably.

In conjunction with namespaces AutoLink checks for database match twice if needed. First it tests if a matching page exists within the own current context.
If this test fails, it tries on the root namespace again.
An option in the configuration file allows this to be disabled, since it, of course, eats more performance.
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