Place any questions concerning GeboGebo and tdbengine right here. I will answer them to you.

How to backup files?
This is really a question, but I couldn't find any FAQ on wikihost.
How can I back up my wiki on

Link Syntax not working on Wikihost?
I created a new wiki at wikihost, but it was not possible to create links or new pages.
Problem is that writing "Link" in double square brackets doesn't produce a new link, but simply the text Link enclosed in
visible double square brackets.

Why is this, and what should I do?

BTW: I am logged in, and problem is the same in static mode as in dynamic.

Which is your wiki at I guess there is some mistake somewhere in your page text, at a prior position. Thomas
Listing Gebo at WikiMatrix?

I'd like to compare GeboGebo with other Wiki Engines. Could you possibly
add your Engine to the comparison at link ?

Inter-wiki links (Sept 2005)
The Home page mentions a way to implement InterWiki links, but the Meatball site doesn't
seem to really specify how to do this. I'm assuming there's some standard way of specifying
InterWiki (or Cross-wiki) links in GeboGebo; any chance we could get intructions for this?
Maybe on manual:special_internal_links ? Thanks, - c_kid, Sept 28, 2005.

You are right, there is still some documentation missing on this inter wiki issue.
For a short answer here:
An inter wiki link is done as the link to the meatball wiki itself is done.
Make a normal link and enter the wiki id and the > symbol in front of the page name you wish to link to.


Is it possible to run GeboGebo local unter Windows XP (home)? I tried to install it, but my attempt failed.
Yes, it is. You need to have the tdbengine windows binary installed properly for your web server.
The installation via the shell script does not work on windows machines of course.
But try the batch script make.bat (included since 0.9.3).
Another direct incompatibility to Windows is, that the EMails that are send on subscriptions are delivered by
sendmail, by default. A clone of this program for windows is available at link

Is it possible to destroy a page's content, just by making no new revision when saving? Vandalism?
That doesn't seem to be possible.

Is it possible to cloak real authorship of some content?

Yes. If A does some mean edit and tells the system that it should not make a new page revision as it was a minor edit.

The next person B doing a normal save does not check the complete page content (or history), but just adds some stuff and saves.

Then that mean edit of A shows up as B did it and IP of A completely vanishes from page history. Shame on B!

This issue will be obsolete with the upcoming version 1.1.1 which will be released soon. Thanks for the hint.

More help needed for XP.
Your description how to install tdb-engine in XP does not work - missing install.bat step?

How can I Unzip TAR archive in Windows??? and run make???
WinZIP and WinRAR are for example both capable of unpacking TARs. There is a make.bat in the archive - just run it.

How to initalize a downloaded wiki from
Place it in your web servers (Apache? IIS?) wwwroot. If the tdbengine was installed properly before, it should just work out of the box

Is there any way to register a user manually from the console?
After installation, I keep getting the same error message ("Username is invalid or passwords do not match") when trying to register a new user through web form. I'm at a loss for how to proceed now. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Unfortunately, there is no way do manipulate the users via console. Which GeboGebo release does this problem concern? I'll do my best to help you. Please give me as much information as possible. (optionally via (Thomas)

Is there a way for the wiki to print out an error log of things it's having trouble doing?
After I installed the latest version on an Apache 2 server sitting on a windows xp machine I can't seem
to register any users like the comment above and I can't edit any pages. I'm guessing that my tdbengine
is messed up but when I tested it, it seemed to be working ok. So I'm looking for some error logs or debug
information to help me out. Thanks

Well, the tdbengine itself has the ability to write down its errors into a specified error log. To do so, it needs to have an option errorlog=/path/the/logfile in its tdbengine.ini's [globals] section.
This is good for finding database internal errors. GeboGebo itself does not log anything.
Unfortunately, I have no practical experiences on a Windows web server. Can you ensure, that the tdbengine has write access to the files in the database/ directory? For testing purposes you propably could try to give full access rights to all its files
for the tdbengine.

Where does tar.exe,sendmail.exe,sendmail.ini and diff.exe go in an IIS installation
I am trying to get gibogibo going in IIS. What folder do I place the above files in?
I found that I had to add a user (instead if iusr_...)for the "Anonymous access" in IIS in order to avoid file permission errors in the log ( TDB error 115). Is this correct or am I missing something.

Place your favorite archive tool somewhere on your system and edit the gebogebo.conf in the conf directory so the following line points to it:
;ExportExecute=tar -czf [$WikiName.tar.gz] *
Another line beginning with
is meant to point to your sendmail executable. (e.g.: sendmail=C:\sendmail\sendmail.exe)
Unfortunately there is no configuration option for the diff executable (yet). Try placing it in the same directory as the tdbengine is located in or place a link to its loction in your PATH environment variable. This should do the trick.

I have no experiences on IIS, I'm sorry.

Requests for enhancements
Great tool! I've got some requests though:

Sorry, but I oversaw this entry all the days...

Nested Tables
Is there any way to use nested tables? All tables stop parsing after the first |}. This even happens when < < including another page with a table.
In posting this I also just discovered that putting a < < include inside of |# #| tags doesn't parse correctly. - c0uch

Line breaks also seem to be ignored inside of tables - c0uch

Tables are only weakly supported. I personally would for the moment recommend using plain html tables instead. Thomas

upload files?
i can't find any information about uploads. is it possible to upload files in gebogebo wiki? or do i have to setup an extra filestore to be able to exchange documents via gebogebo?

You can insert special file/image links in order to upload data over the internet. Take a look onto manual:uploading Thomas

thanks - it works great!
but what about deleting old files? if they are not referenced anymore, they waste disk space - can i delete an uploaded file? or how do i upload a new version of a file?

Option to Change?
In the article "configuration" it says that you can chance the settings by removing the semicolon in front of the option to change. But I can't find the option. Where is it located on the page?
Thanks for a great site by the way!

Link syntax not working on wikihost?

Could you please delete my wiki (Link Riddarfjärden Wiki)?
Sincerely: Linosos

Login Cookie issue?

Could you please give me a hint on the following Problem:

I have GeboGebo Wiki setup on a Windows system using minihttp. I created a new Login
giving my username and password. So far so good.

When I Login again - checking the cookie checkbox - I receive some clear Text
"Set-Cookie:" lines on top of the "Login response page" appearing before the html Tag.

These first lines on the Login response page look like this:

Set-Cookie: session=c0a80006444e220a; expires=Tuesday, 25-May-2006 13:50:09 GMT; path=;
Set-Cookie: user=ingo; expires=Sunday, 01-Dec-2099 12:00:00 GMT; path=;
Set-Cookie: password=dummy; expires=Sunday, 01-Dec-2099 12:00:00 GMT; path=;
Set-Cookie: noauto=; expires=Sunday, 01-Dec-2000 12:00:00 GMT; path=; content-type: text/html


Actually the Cookies aren´t stored correctly.

Nevertheless the GeboGebo Gui now indicates that I am loged on - but whenever
I follow a link from here I am logged off again due to the missing cookies...

Where´s the reason for this issue - minihttp? I have no Firewall running and cookies are
fully enabled - I tried 2 different machines with ie6 and firefox 1.x ...

thanks and regards


Background color?
Is there anyway I can change the background color on a page? Is there anyway I can set a default for all pages?

Formating Questions
Is there a way how to:
*centre text or images?
*change the color of the text?

many thanks in advance!

Problem with tdbengine cannot find httpd.conf.
I have install apache2 in /usr/local/apache2 and am trying to install tdbengine,
but it apparently cannot find httpd.conf. I don't know how to configure this for
cgi information. Can you help me?


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