Welcome to GeboGebo

This is the official website of GeboGebo, the tdbengine based Wiki-System.
GeboGebo is available for free download. It runs on Linux and with a little handwork on Windows 32-Bit as well.
The name GeboGebo derives from the Germanic rune gebo, which means as much as "Giving and taking". This is the main philosphy of a WikiWiki and so perfectly fits with this name.

Due to massive spamming we decided to lock pages for anonymous edit. If you would like to test GeboGebo please register and then login or use the user account "Guest" whose password is "Guest".
The sandbox is waiting for you to play around.


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Check our free wiki hosting service at link http://wikihost.org . It takes you only three minutes to have your own wiki set up.



file GeboGebo v1.2.1

Read the changelog for details or get older revisions there.


Plugins are extensions to GeboGebo written in EASY. See this list of known, public available plugins.


The syntax is quite easy to understand. GeboGebo does not use Link CamelCase for linking.
Read the manual for more details.


Ask your questions at Frequently asked Questions.
See and update the list of gebogebo installations.

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I was definitely inspired by Link DokuWiki in some points, especially the basic wiki look.

There is a Link Bug-A-boo bug tracking system waiting for critics, bug reports and wishes at Link bugs.tdbengine.org.

Imprint: Responsible for this website is Horst Klier, Schwabenstr. 30, 91126 Schwabach, Germany, Tel: 09122 632211, Mail: horst@klier.net, Web: link http://www.klier.net. Gebogebo was developed by Thomas Friebel for tdb Software Service GmbH.
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